Tax Database Instructions

Please click on this link to read the instructions on how to use the BS&A website.  BS&A  website instructions:


When searching the "Current Tax Database" you may frequently see unpaid taxes for several prior years.  THIS DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN TAXES ARE OWING NOW.  You must read the note in RED and click on the "Delinquent Tax Database" link to determine what taxes are owed as of today's date.  If you see amounts due under "Current", it only means that at the end of that tax year,  taxes remained unpaid (and they may be paid now.)      


Current Tax information is updated frequently during the current collection season.  However, we cannot guarantee accuracy.  If you need a current tax payoff during the current tax collection season, please contact the City or Township the parcel is located in for the most up-to-date information.

Please visit the City of Midland website for the most accurate tax data for parcels located in the City of Midland.

You may search by owner's name, property address, or parcel number.  For parcels located in the City of Midland, you will need to add 180 to the beginning and add 00 to the end.  Our parcel number format is 14 numbers long.  For example 14-12-50-011 becomes 180-141-250-011-00.