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Instructions for Use of the Tax Database:

A screen will come up with a menu choice on the left side. You can search by parcel code or owner name for all townships, the City of Coleman and the Village of Sanford.

To search for a parcel in City of Midland you must type in 180 then the city parcel code and two zeros at the end.  The City of Midland does have it's own website that is updated in real-time.  To view the City of Midland website please go to:

Example: Code 14-01-23-456 is typed as 18014012345600

Once the parcel code comes up on the screen, click on the code and it will show you general information about the parcel.

If searching by name, many names may come up on the screen. Click on the name that you want to search. This will bring up general information about the parcel and its ownership.

To bring up the tax information, click on tax on the left menu. If the parcel has delinquent taxes or had delinquent taxes paid on the parcel that information will be displayed on the screen. If the parcel does not currently have delinquent taxes or had delinquent taxes in a prior year, the screen will be blank. To view the tax history on the parcel, click on "Tax History" at the top of the page.

The tax history will display only the base tax due on the parcel for a respective tax year. That base does not include late payment penalty interest.

 The public database is constructed for public use only and has limited search capabilities.

Thank you for using this property tax Internet site. 

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