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  • May 6 2015


Stop Kids Impaired Driving

May 7th, 2015 11:30 a.m.

Meridian High School

Stop Kids Impaired Driving (SKID) is a traffic safety and underage drinking prevention program. This program educates young people about the tragic consequences of drinking and driving and/or impaired driving via texting.

SKID is a "live action melodrama" which simulates a fatal, alcohol related traffic crash for high school audiences. SKID is a very graphic and realistic dramatization involving wrecked vehicles and injured "victims" who are portrayed by students from Meridian High School. The presentation is so dramatic that people often get caught up in the emotions of the moment- many are even moved to tears, forgetting that the scene is not real. As a result, SKID presentations leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of students, who will at some point, face their own very real life and death choices about underage drinking and/or impaired driving by texting.

Recent research on adolescent brain development confirms that young people are less likely to weigh the risks and consequences of their actions on their own. For this reason, the SKID program is especially effective in helping young drivers to witness firsthand the terrible outcomes of drinking and driving and to reinforce laws and community norms that prohibit these dangerous behaviors. When young people experience a SKID presentation, they don’t have to imagine what an accident of this nature might be like; they are fully involved in the midst of it as the event unfolds.

The program is coordinated by Amanda Oster, who is a member of the Midland County Sheriff’s Citizens Alumni Group. SKID is a multi agency, community effort that will rely on strong partnerships with Midland County Sheriff Scott Stephenson, Jerome Township Fire Department, Lincoln Township Fire Department, Edenville Township Fire Department, Mid-Michigan EMS, Chief Assistant Medical Examiner Dr. Dennis Wagner, St. Mary’s Flight care, Midland County Prosecutor JDee Brooks, Robert’s Auto of Coleman, Ware Smith Woolever Funeral Home, DJ Stygma Entertainment, Midland County Central Dispatch, Shaffert Photography and Meridian High School.

The program was created by an Oregon Deputy, Tim Moore, in 1998. In 2004 Amanda Oster was given permission by Deputy Moore to bring the program to Michigan. They had close contact through phone calls and emails so that he could pass along details that make the SKID program the amazing thing it is today.

Questions can be directed to Amanda Oster 989-513-8606 or Amanda.oster14@gmail.com