Directory of Support Staff

Kelly Allen

(989) 832-6724

Kelly serves as the Administrative Supervisor providing high-level administrative support to the Elected Prosecuting Attorney, his six Assistant Prosecutors, and directs seven Support Staff. 

She performs a variety of key daily administrative functions while managing the office budget including all contracts, state and local grants, statistical data and annual reports.  She also administers accounts payable, receivable, purchasing, payroll and all related human resources issues.  In addition, she is responsible for scheduling attorney meetings and training, coordinating travel, and preparing expense reports. She processes criminal complaints and tickets for prosecution, prepares and executes court orders and legal documents while maintaining those electronic files. She operates the highly confidential LEIN program through the Michigan State Police, prepares and executes extradition of fugitives from justice, and maintains the office website and Facebook page. 

Kelly works closely with local and national law enforcement agencies, the Courts, and the Michigan Department of Corrections to ensure good working relations for an effective prosecution in support of the Elected Prosecutor and his Assistant Prosecutors.


Amanda Hausmann

(989) 832-6732

As the Victims’ Rights Coordinator for the Midland County Prosecutor's Office, Amanda’s primary responsibilities are to coordinate and administer the victims’ rights functions of the department. She ensures victims are notified of their rights as required by law and informs and provides support to victims of crime by providing referrals to local agencies and services, such as professional counseling centers, rehabilitation programs and housing facilities. She works closely with the District, Circuit, and Probate Courts, Probation Departments and law enforcement to ensure victims’ rights are preserved.

Melissa Rieman


(989) 832-6746

Melissa's primary responsibilities with this office include logging in complaints received from local law enforcement agencies and data entry to generate warrants and juvenile petitions. She also loads traffic and animal control tickets for prosecution.  In addition, she scans documents into the computerized filing system and prepares legal documents; drafts correspondence, and assists the public, law enforcement and Court personnel.

Alice Flowers

(989) 832-6725

Alice has been with the office since April of 2007.

Her primary responsibilities are to maintain the office schedule, generate and track subpoenas, prepare writ of habeas corpus for prisoner transport, process jury questionnaires and facilitate various legal documentation with the Courts and defense counsel.  She assists with the main telephone line and greeting the public.  

Alice also performs a variety of general administrative support functions such as  preparing correspondence, copying, filing, converting electronic files, and scanning.   

Lori Wilkinson

(989) 832-6723

As the Paternity and Child Support Establishment Coordinator for the Midland County Prosecutor's Office, Lori’s primary responsibilities are coordinating and administering the functions of the IV-D grant, which include court-ordered paternity testing, custodial and non-custodial parent interviews, and maintenance of information within the Michigan Child Support Enforcement System (MiCSES). She works closely with Friend of the Court to ensure the smooth transition of records (including documents, notices, and Court orders) between the Prosecuting Attorney's office and Friend of the Court. Her duties also include matters dealing with felony child support criminal cases and scheduling Court hearings.

Nadine Niederstadt

(989) 832-6622

Nadine joined the Prosecuting Attorney's office in 2013.

Nadine's primary responsibilities in the office are to direct calls and visiting customers to the appropriate Prosecuting Attorney or office staff required in assisting them; She maintains the computerized office schedule for all Court pretrials, conferences, hearings and trials that involve the Prosecutor's office; updates Court events and outcomes in ACT and JCT; prepares legal documents; drafts correspondence, and assists the public, law enforcement and Court personnel.  Provides Discovery Material and Disclosure to requesting defense counsel via mail or electronically; to perform general office duties, and assist the professional staff as requested.

Samantha D. Weber

(989) 832-6627

Samantha is under the supervision of the Victims’ Rights Coordinator.  She assists in ensuring victims are notified of their rights as required by law. Responds to inquiries regarding the program, assists victims in obtaining compensation from the State, and prepares reports and billings related to the program.  Ensures that victims are notified of court events pertaining to their case.   Upon request, escorts victims to and from interviews and court proceedings, and conducts interviews to provide them with procedural advice and emotional support.


Lisa Sanders


(989) 832-6677

Lisa is under the supervision of the Paternity and Child Support Establishment Coordinator.  She performs a variety of administrative tasks. Answers phone calls, schedules appointments, processes mail, files documents, updates the Michigan Child Support Enforcement System (MiCSES) and performs a variety of other general administrative support functions. Assists the Paternity and Child Support Establishment Coordinator with processing Court Action Referrals (CARs).