Upcoming Events

Pinecrest Farms is always offering a variety of activities, events and outings to our residents. Most of the outings are timed with the seasons and the holidays. Pinecrest residents enjoy a St. Patrick's Day party put on by a local church organization, in the summer there is an annual Great Lakes Loons Game outing, August is the highly anticipated Community Pig Roast and of course holiday parties in the winter, just to name a few.

Along with seasonal outings Pinecrest offers weekly and daily activities that include Bingo, presentations, movies, exercise, shopping trips, religious group meetings and much more.

To see upcoming event's with specific information: Like Pinecrest's Facebook page which is updated regularly.

January - April Events

  • Valentine's Day Party: Arts & Crafts, treats and music
  • St. Patrick's Day Party and Bingo
  • Live music
  • Gilda Acting Club
May - August Events

  • Kiwanis Kentucky Fried Chicken Dinner
  • Great Lakes Loons Baseball Game Outing
  • Independence Day Celebration (with Fireworks)
  • Community Pig Roast
  • Live Music
  • Travel Spotlight
September - December Events

  • Chippewa Nature Center Presentations
  • Fall Color Tour
  • Holiday Party
  • Mango the Dog Visit