Admission Information

Admission Information

A physical and health assessment is completed by the Administrator and Director of Nursing to ensure the resident's specific needs can be met before admission.

Typically plan on one to three days from the time of the assessment to the time of the admission. Admissions should take place Tuesday - Thursday and certain health care information must be collected and processed before admission.

Rooms and Rates

Pinecrest offers private rooms and semi-private rooms. Each room comes with its own handicap accessible bathroom and is equipped with call light access for immediate assistance. The facility is secured through surveillance cameras and automated locked doors at night.

As a non-profit Midland County facility, supplemented through a millage, monthly room and board rates are determined on each individual’s income and assets. Contact the Pinecrest Farm's Administrator for more information.

With support of the county millage no resident is turned away based on their financial situation.

Respite stays are also available depending on availability.