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Fees begin at Sanford Lake Park on April 21, 2018.

An invigorating workout on one of the state's premier Rail-Trails. A refreshing swim in Sanford Lake during the sizzling days of summer. How about taking the youngsters to Sanford Lake Park so they can enjoy the newly opened Turtle Tides Spray Playground? This centerpiece of some dazzling park improvements is making this gem of a recreational destination an even brighter attraction.

A date with Mother Nature, a fishing pole and a scenic stream. A hike or a mountain bike through rugged tree-lined trails. A lakeshore picnic with family and friends. Whether you want to recreate, ruminate or simply "get away from it all" without leaving the community, the Midland County Parks & Recreation Department has seven parks that offer, year-round, a variety of recreational and leisure-time activities.

The abundance of natural beauty is reason enough to visit one of your county parks. What more, with skyrocketing gas prices pinching family's budgets, it's refreshing to discover that you don't have to break the bank to have fun. Not when there's so much to do and see right here in your Midland County Parks. Meticulously maintained. Staffed by a team of well-trained professionals. Locations that showcase this region's unique natural resources. It's little wonder that the Midland County Parks System stands out as a prime example of the quality of life amenities this community is noted for. 

Pavilion/Funbrella Rentals

Pavilion and Funbrella rentals for 2019 will be available for reservation directly after the start of the New Year.

When creating a reservation we encourage use of a desktop computer for user friendliness.

Temporary Sanford Lake Park beach closure

Sanford Lake Park beach will be temporarily closed for swimming on Wednesday, August 22, 2018 due to routine treatment of the water for weeds and naturally occuring flora. The park and boat launch will remain open.

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