WNV Surveillance in Midland

WNV Surveillance

Monitoring West Nile Virus

We will be monitoring bird mortality as an indication of possible West Nile Virus activity. Residents are asked to call Mosquito Control at (989) 832-8677 to report any dead birds observed. The location of dead Crows and Blue Jays, the birds most susceptible to West Nile Virus, should be reported to Mosquito Control.

Mosquito treatment operations are being conducted throughout the county and crews will direct more intensive surveillance and treatment efforts to areas with documented cases of West Nile Virus activity or clusters of dead birds.

What to do if you find a dead bird

  • Crow or Blue Jay
    • Please call the office to report the location of the dead bird.
  • Other birds
    • Please call the office to report the location of the dead bird.
    • Homeowners should dispose of the birds in the regular trash or by burying them.
      • Dead birds can carry a variety of diseases and should never be handled with bare hands. Use gloves to carefully place dead birds in double-plastic bags and then place them in the outdoor trash.
  • Live birds - We are not equipped to handle live birds.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Michigan Disease Mapper

Press Release WNV Horse August 2017.pdf

2016 West Nile Virus Activity for Midland County