Man-made Incidents

Infrastructure, Transportation, Technology, and Energy

Man-Caused Incident Defined

Simply put, when something man has created and depends on fails, it's considered a man-caused incident. Sometimes these events are called "technological disasters", because man-made technology has failed. Not every failure of technology creates a disaster or emergency, but certain types of failures can create an incident requiring an emergency response.


Examples of infrastructure failure include:

  • The collapse of a bridge or roadway
  • Breach of a tank, pipeline or other type of container, causing the release of material into the environment
  • Power outage or utility failure due to equipment breakdown or lack of system capacity


Significant transportation incidents include:

  • Train derailment
  • Airplane crash
  • Bus accident involving multiple causalities
  • Large multi-vehicle accident on a highway
  • Any incident causing the closure of a major transportation route


Most of us rely on technology of some description everyday. To lose it can temporarily paralyze our ability to do work, and therefore can cause economic loss.  For example:

  • Accidental breach of a fiber-optic network
  • Loss of network and/or Internet capability
  • Loss of telephone, cell phone, or other communication networks
  • Loss of satellites used for communication, global positioning, or other data


We are an energy reliant society. A disruption in the production or delivery of gasoline, diesel fuel, natural gas, or coal can have an almost immediate effect on daily life.