PreQualified Contractor List

The below listed entities are deemed qualified to be selected to perform drain maintenance on behalf of the Midland County Drain Commissioner.  This list is subject to change with entities being added or removed in accordance with the Midland County Drain Commissioner's Pre-Qualification Policy.

Aaron Parsons
Advanced Tree Care Service Inc.
Bilacic Trucking Inc.
Bill Raushi, Jr.
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc.
Dice Excavating, Inc.
DropTine Tree Service
K & K Contracting, Inc.
LJ Construction inc.
Pats Gradall Service, Inc.
Prairie Grain
R.B. Satkowiaks City Sewer Cleaners, Inc.
R. L. Laurenz, Inc.
Rich Putt & Sons Excavating, LLC
Rivard Brothers Inc.
Sterling Excavation, Inc.
Wombat Services LLC
Wonsey Tree Service, Inc.
Zervan Bros Excavating, LLC

Please note that placement on the list does not guarantee a contractor will be selected to perfom work.  The Drain Commissioner sustains full discretion and authority to either bid a non-petitioned maintenance work or to select any contractor from the prequalified list to perform said non-petitioned maintenance.

This list does not preclude any contractor, whether on the above list or not, from submitting for work that the Drain Commissioner decided to put out for bids.