Children, Parents & Truancy

The Michigan Compulsory Attendance Law currently states that students must attend school from age six to eighteen years of age.

School truancy is a serious concern for our youth in Midland County.  Truancy is not only detrimental to success in education, but is a gateway to delinquent and criminal activity.  Research concludes that chronic absenteeism is the most powerful predictor of delinquent behavior.

The Truancy Program is a collaborative effort between the Juvenile Court, the 75th District Court, Midland County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, Community Mental Health for Central Michigan and Midland County's public schools.  The program addresses truancy with a continuum of interventions starting in the schools and leading up to Court involvement as a last resort.

Truancy Protocol & Forms


Michigan School Law & Policy

Community School Model

A collaboration between our local schools, Department of Human Services, the Juvenile Court and local service providers to promote elementary school attendance and to identify and decrease the barriers families face for their child to be successful.     

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Midland County Probate & Juvenile Court
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Probate Filing Fees

Petition for Appointment of Guardian, Individual with Alleged Developmental Disability (PC 658)

Report to Accompany Petition to Appoint, Modify or Discharge Guardian of Individual with Developmental Disability (PC 659)

Report of Guardian on Condition of Individual with Developmental Disability (PC 663)

Petition to Terminate/Modify Guardian for Developmentally Disabled Individual (PC 677)

Inventory (PC 577)

Account of Fiduciary, Short Form (PC 583)

Petition to Allow Account (PC 585a)


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