Offender Programs

In 2013 over 400 individuals enrolled in Community Corrections programs throughout Midland County. 89% of those participating had a successful outcome. Programs aim to rehabilitate non-violent offenders in hopes to change various antisocial behaviors. The programs of treatment, training and education included;

  • In-Jail Cognitive Therapy Groups
  • GED
  • High School completion
  • Employability Skills training
  • Tri-Cap
  • Impact Weekend
  • Network Therapy
  • Community Service


The successful completions of enrollees in our programs saved 5087 jail bed days this past year saving the county hundreds of thousands of dollars.   

J&A Counseling provides inmates with cognitive group therapy while incarcerated. Men and women groups meet daily. J&A also facilitates the Network Therapy program for 3rd offense drunk driving convictions in Midland County referred by Circuit Court.

Education and Training Connection (etc) provides GED preparation and testing, high school completion, employability skills and financial literacy classes in the Midland County Jail. Once an inmate is released they are encouraged to finish their educational goals at the M-20 campus.

Tri-Cap Community Corrections Program provides Midland County Circuit Court, Judges, Probation and Parole agents with an alternative placement option for inmates who need more support and structure before returning to society. Participants are involved in intensive counseling and also Job Club.