Community Corrections

Community Corrections is a state and locally funded program based upon Michigan Community Corrections Act, Public Act 511 (PA 511) established in 1988 to encourage low-cost rehabilitative punishment programs as alternatives to jail or prison sentences for non-violent offenders. The goals of Public Act 511 are to reduce prison admissions for non-assaultive felons and improve the use of local jails, while maintaining public safety. Offenders selected for the programs are those who represent the greatest possibility for rehabilitation.

The act authorizes local governments to establish Community Advisory Boards (CCABs). The law requires representatives from the Sheriff's Office, City Police, Board of Commissioners, City Council, Circuit, District and Probate Courts, Adult Probation Departments, prosecuting and criminal defense attorneys, the business community and general public. The local CCAB establishes a Comprehensive Corrections Plan as the basis for funding requests. Request for PA 511 funds are submitted to the State Office of Community Corrections on a yearly basis.

Although not the only solution, evidence indicates that individuals who successfully complete alternative sentences are able to turn their lives around. National statistics show that Community Correction participants are less likely to return to crime.

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