Env Health Bd of Appeal

The board of appeals consists of five (5) members, appointed by the Board of Commissioners, and who shall be representative of varied interests; including one representative from each of the following Midland County groups: Human Services, Township Official, a Registered Septic System Installer, and two Citizens at Large. Initially, the four non-board of health members shall be appointed for one, two, three, and four year terms with eligibility for reappointment. Thereafter the terms shall be for four years. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment for the balance of the unexpired terms. The membership of the Board of Appeals shall elect their chairperson from among its membership. The Health Department shall provide administrative support to the Board of Appeals. An alternate member may be appointed to serve as needed to fill in for vacant members.

Current Board Members:
Eric Dorrien, Commissioner liaison (Human Services)
Donald L. Acker, Registered Septic System Installer, 1st term ending 12/31/18
Dick Dougherty, Township Official, 5th term ending 12/31/20
Joy Buchanan, Citizen-at-Large, 1st term ending 12/31/17
Kelly Wall, Citizen-at-Large, 2nd term ending 12/31/18