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Register of Deeds

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Register of Deeds

Did you know many of our records are now available to purchase online using the Land Record Search!?

The County Register of Deeds is a state constitutionally elected officer with duties prescribed by law. The Register is the County's official recording officer for all legal documents pertaining to the transfers and encumbrances of all real estate property within Midland County. The Register also provides permanent storage for approved original subdivision plats, condominiums, land surveys and section corners.

Other Services Provided Include:

  1. We maintain a user-oriented index system capable of retrieving any of the several million documents recorded since 1855. Documents from 1984 through the present can be viewed (with watermarks) online. Any document viewable online can also be purchased (without watermarks) online. Documents from 1957 - 1983 are found by accessing card indexes located in our vault or by viewing them online through an Adobe Reader system. Indexes for documents recorded from 1855 - 1957 are available to search online or through reviewing the old journals located in the vault.
  2. We maintain an imaging system for all real estate records.
  3. We will provide certified copies and/or limited searches of real property records to customers who request them.
  4. We will provide copies of all real estate conveyances to all assessing offices in the county for use in preparation of tax rolls.
  5. We are happy to assist area businesses or the general public, either in person or via telephone.

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