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Records Division--Responsibilities and Services

Records is normally open Mon. through Fri. from 8:00am to 5:00pm. The main number for records is 989-839-4630.

The Records Division is responsible for the following areas: Routing phone calls; filing and retrieving completed incident / accident reports; handgun purchase permits and safety inspections; civil process; autopsy reports; CCW packets and other assigned duties.

Handgun Permits

Adults requesting a permit to purchase a firearm are required to have a photo I.D. with their current address, pass a criminal background check and take a basic firearm safety test. A pamphlet on Basic Pistol Safety is available upon request. Once requirements are met, a purchase permit, valid for 10 days, will be issued. If the permit is not used, it should be returned to the Midland County Sheriff's Office. 

Incident / Crash Reports

Completed and Closed Crash reports and Incident reports may be obtained from the Records Division during normal working hours. The fee for crash reports is $10.00. It is best to check with the Records personnel on the availability of the report before coming in for a copy.  Reports from investigations that are not complete and reviewed by the prosecutor may not be released. If the prosecutor issues a warrant on a police report/complaint the report may then be obtained from the prosecutors office. The telephone number for the Midland County Prosecutor's Office is 989-832-6722.

Personal Protection Orders

Personal Protection Orders (PP0's) are obtained from the Circuit Court Clerk's Office. They are usually accompanied by a police report or written statement to the judge. PPO's are served by the Sheriff's Office for a fee plus mileage. If you have a question concerning a PPO you may call the Circuit Court Administrative office at 989-832-6735.

Requests for Police Assistance

  • If you have an emergency call 911 to have the closest available unit sent.
  • Calls for police assistance that are not considered an emergency should also go to 911. Central Dispatch will send the next available unit.
  • If you have a question for a sheriff deputy or for records personnel call 989-839-4600. You may leave a message on the Shift Commander's phone. In that case, someone will respond to the message as soon as possible.


  • Boating Safety Classes Per Participant - No Charge
  • Vehicle Inspections for Citations (fix-it tickets) - $10.00
  • Dealer Application for Firearms License (RI-9) - $10.00 (notary fee charge)
  • Gun Permit - $10.00 (notary fee charge)
  • Explosive Permit - $10.00
  • Copies of Vehicle Crash Reports - $10.00
  • Copies of Reports other than Crash Reports - $10.00
  • Fingerprints Taken CARDS - $15.00
  • Fingerprints Taken LIVESCAN - $64.25
  • Preliminary Breath Test - $10.00
  • Records Checks or File Checks - $10.00
  • Notary Public Service - $10.00
  • Salvage Inspections - $100.00
  • Medical Examiner Lab Report - $50.00
  • Autopsy Reports - $200.00
  • Reserve Deputy Assistance - $19.00 per hour
  • House Moving Details - Billed at Overtime Rate Plus Mileage

Special Case Files are billed at the hourly rate of a records staff person plus the copy fee and reproduction of any photographs that are a part of the file.  Fees must be paid in advance.




In an effort to best serve the citizens of Midland County, the Sheriff's Office provides many services designed to educate, inform and involve our community.


DRUG / ALCOHOL TEST KITS Raising teenagers has become a challenge for even the most stable of families. Children are bombarded with advertising and peer pressure to try drugs. The Midland County Sheriff's Office offers a variety of home use drug test kits for parents that suspect drug use involving their child. The test kit is a simple way to detect a potential problem before it becomes a law enforcement matter. The tests provide immediate results and are conducted in the privacy of your home. 


  • 8-Panel Drug Test Kits (Opiates/Morphine, Meth, Marijuana and Cocaine, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Amphetamine and Oxycodone)   $16.00 each                                           
  • Alco Screen Saliva Test  $3.00 each


Following are commonly used drugs and the detection period and symptoms that can occur with each.


  • Alcohol--6 to 10 hours; loss of coordination, slurred speech, impaired judgment, slowed reaction
  • Marijuana--2 days up to 20 days; dizziness, bloodshot eyes, impaired judgment, reduced attention
  • Methamphetamine--up to 72 hours; hyperactive, talkative, pupils constricted
  • Cocaine/Crack--up to 72 hours; high energy, talkative, sensitivity to light, sound and touch, seizures
  • Opiates/Morphine/Heroin--up to 72 hours; euphoria, lack of judgment, constricted pupils, panic attacks, anxiety, digestive problems, withdrawal from family, suicide
  • Club drugs--up to 5 days; tired, confused, amnesia, convulsions, temperature

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