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Welcome to the Midland County Friend of the Court webpage.

If you live in Midland County or your case is in Midland, please use the navigation on the left.

If you are not part of Michigan's Friend of the Court System you can visit our Divorce pages which provides helpful information about divorce through many sources including the nationally recognized SMILE Program. 

About Friend of the Court

Our Mission

The MCFOC Web Site has been designed to provide accurate and factual information to the citizens of Midland County. Further, to provide individuals in the State of Michigan an overview of the State's Friend of the Court system, and further, to provide individuals worldwide, information about divorce through the availability of the S.M.I.L.E. Program and Links to other useful resources.

What the Friend of the Court doesn't do. . .

The name of our agency, Friend of the Court, confuses the public. The word "friend" seems to imply that we are ready and able to assist with all court problems. We are not. The Friend of the Court handles specific areas of domestic relations cases heard by the Circuit Court. Our duties are defined by statute. We are not a clearing house of information. We cannot provide legal advice. Relief from problems stemming from your divorce does not automatically begin with the Friend of the Court.


Send us your comments and suggestions on our Contact Us page. Note: E-Mail cannot be used to handle any business transactions. Transactions or questions regarding a specific case can be submitted in writing to the address below.

Midland County Friend of the Court
301 W. Main Street
Midland, MI 48640


Although this website is periodically reviewed and updated to include information to help answer the most common questions, what follows is not an exhaustive list of all policies, civil procedure or domestic relation laws. To ensure that you are fully informed it is always advisable that you either research your issue at a public law library or that you consult with an attorney. As for the materials and information made available throughout this Web Site, the MCFOC is not responsible for their accuracy, adequacy, or completeness, or for the results obtained by using them.

So, Who's Responsible?

  • Kenneth D. Randall, Director
  • Nancy J. Parshall, Assistant Director
  • These pages updated by Laura Reed

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